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A brief historical outline

Lgov is an ancient town in Kursk region. It appeared at the end of 10-th and the beginning of 11-th century and was a part of Kievan Russia called 'Posemie" or 'by the Seim River'. Under the name of  'Olgov' the town was first mentioned in 'Ipatievskaya chronicle' around 1152 in connection with Yuri Dolgoruky military campaign along with his allies -- Polovtsian khans against Chernigov. A that time the town was a patrimony of Oleg Svyatoslayovich -- Yaroslav the Wise's grandson from whom it got its name.
At the end of 12-th century Olgov was ruined by Polovtsy but was revived during the second half of 16-th century and it served then as a frontier stronghold of Moscow State. During 17-th century it beat off frequent raids of Crimean Tatars.
At the beginning of 17-th century a monastery of Dmitry Solunsky was founded in Lgov where a famous Russian monk lov Lgovsky led his active ascetic life.
In the 18-th century Lgov lost its important significance as a frontier stronghold and grandually turned into a center of trade and petty handicrafts. In 1779 by a decree of Ekaterina II Lgov became an administrative center of "uyezd" (lowest administrative division) and in 1780 it was granted the right to have its own coat of arms which represends a bustard standing  in a green field.
At present Lgov is a big railway center and a center of processing industry. Lgov is situated in picturesque area on the banks of the Seim river. Among its architectural sights is an estate of Russian Grand Dukes the Baryathinskys, a famous Shamil Tower, a former Assembly House, a house of a chamberlain P. P. Stremoukhov and three churches: St. Nikolas church, St. Dmitriev church and Uspenskaya church.
Lgov is also well-know by its famous writers who were born in the town. They are Nikolay Aseev (1889-1963) and Arkady Gaydar (1904-1941). Monuments in their honor were set up in town's squares. Among the names of well-know citizens are artists Nikolay Bartram (1873-1931 and Vasily Grandy (1890-1970), a composer Theodor Hadenko and a remarkable actress Tamara Semina. Such writers as Yury German (1910-1967), Valentin Ovechkin (1904-1968 an artist Eugeny Volobuev (b. 1912) also lived and worked in the town for a period of time.


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